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The family-style management that our company has maintained since its founding has consistently translated into exceptional care provided to each customer: just as our founders did with their small local partners, we still like to establish relationships of trust with the wholesalers, supermarkets, large-scale retailers, and catering companies who choose our products.

Thanks to our young and attentive workforce and the latest technological innovations, we’re able to offer exceptional comprehensive services and meet any customer needs.

Delivery service

We ship all over Italy, bringing the quality of our frozen products to every town and city. Thanks to our partnership with a certified external carrier, we’re able to reach any part of the peninsula, from north to south, guaranteeing punctual and meticulous services while always respecting the cold chain.

Orders and shipments are managed directly by our offices, with the utmost attention being given to the needs of each individual customer.

Frozen product delivery service
An always well-stocked warehouse

Scherini Funghi frozen products are always available, all year round: in fact, thanks to our meticulous long-term warehouse management, we’re able to guarantee the provision of mushrooms, vegetables and berries regardless of seasonality, every month of the year.

All without compromising on quality: through the constant monitoring of our suppliers, many of whom have maintained long-lasting relationships with our company over the years, we’re able to guarantee that our products are always safe and reliable.

Scherini srl warehouse
Custom packaging

From mushrooms to vegetables, all our frozen products are available in different sizes in order to meet the needs of a widely-varied clientele (retail, catering, large-scale distribution, etc.), even with different types of packaging: cartons, bags, and jars/tubs.

Furthermore, thanks to our dynamic and attentive staff and our cutting-edge fleet of machinery, complete with cartoning machines, vertical packaging machines, shrink wrapping machines and vacuum packing machines, we’re able to package frozen products in any type of format and weight requested by the customer.

custom packaging
Private label

We offer our customers (namely supermarkets and wholesalers) a label customisation service in order to market Scherini Funghi frozen mushrooms, vegetables and berries under their own brand names.

This option is available for all the products, with no minimum order for the customisation of logos printed on bags. Our quality with your name.

provision of products with custom retail labels