Scherini quality frozen products
Valtellina Scherini

high quality frozen products since 1972

Frozen mushrooms, vegetables and fruits

We harvest them in the woods and cultivate them in the fields, always with the utmost respect for the environment, after which we process them, freeze them, and package them in a wide range of formats and packages.

Scherini frozen products consist of mushrooms, berries and vegetables that retain their original flavour, aroma, and nutritional properties thanks to a production process based on quality and cutting-edge freezing techniques: freshly harvested goodness, ready to be enjoyed in just a few minutes.

frozen small fruits from Scherini

a family tradition

If there’s one thing that unites the three generations that have succeeded one another at the helm of the company, it’s the constant pursuit of excellence: we don’t merely produce frozen products, but frozen products of exceptional quality.

In order to achieve this goal, we dedicate time, personnel, and resources throughout each phase of the entire process, starting with our supplier relationships: we like to cultivate relationships of trust with those who cultivate our products.

Three generations
of experience

From the founders, Franco and Pierina, to their grandson Alessandro: established in Valtellina during the early 1970s as a company dedicated to processing and marketing dried porcini mushrooms, the business eventually grew and expanded its range of products.

But it never lost sight of Scherini family’s basic values: customer awareness, commitment to quality, and an enormous passion for the mountains.

A truly
comprehensive service

While technological innovation plays a fundamental role at the company, the tradition that we have maintained is just as important, and translates into care for each and every customer.

We’re attentive to all of our customers’ needs, offering a wide range of tailored services capable of meeting everyone’s requirements.