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Scherini dried porcini mushrooms
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Frozen porcini mushrooms

These consist of the 4 main type species of the genus boletus (boletus edulis, boletus reticulatus, boletus aestivalis, boletus pinophilus), more commonly known as porcini: a term that immediately evokes a mushroom of exceptional value and quality, which is jealously guarded by our mountains’ undergrowth. After being hand-picked by our expert collectors, Scherini porcini mushrooms are cleaned and cut according to the desired format, and are deep-frozen within just a few hours in order to preserve all their characteristics.

Average nutritional values ​​per 100g of product
Energy value
86,26 Kj | 20,20 Kcal
of which saturated fatty acids
2,29 g
2,10 g
of which sugars
2,29 g
2,10 g
2,50 g
1,68 g
0 g


Rinse the still frozen porcini mushrooms under warm running water, and cut as desired using a well sharpened knife. Cook the mushrooms as if they were fresh, in a pan over medium heat, for about 15 minutes. Porcini mushrooms can be cooked as a side dish, seasoned to taste, or else as a compliment for first courses and tasty risottos.

Available formats

Carton with or without bag (from 80 g to 600 g)

Jar/Tub (from 80 g to 1000 g)

Bag (from 80 g to 5000 g)

Bulk box with bag (from 2.5 kg to 10 kg)